Laravel 9.14 has been Released

The Laravel team has released version 9.14, which includes migration table comments, a dynamic trashed factory state, a new array key helper, bootable/setup test traits, and other improvements: Today's Laravel release supports adding comments to tables as well as a new built-in "trashed" factory state 🎁 Enjoy! — Taylor Otwell 🪐 (@taylorotwell) May 24, 2022 What New Laravel 9.14? […]

How to install Selectize.JS in Laravel 9

Today we will learn How to install Selectize.JS in Laravel 9. Selectize is an extensible jQuery-based custom UI control. It’s useful for tagging, contact lists, country selectors, and so on. It clocks in at around ~7kb (gzipped). The goal is to provide a solid & usable experience with a clean and powerful API. Also Read : How to Create a […]

How to Create a User using tinker in laravel 9

How to Create a User using tinker in laravel 9. Laravel Tinker is a powerful REPL for the Laravel framework, powered by the PsySH package. Also Read : Laravel 9 OrderBy ASC and DESC Tutorial Installation All Laravel applications include Tinker by default. However, you may install Tinker using Composer if you have previously removed it from your application: Usage Tinker allows […]

Laravel 9 Seed Multiple Records Tutorial

In this Tutorial, I will demonstrate how to insert multiple records in Seeder using the 5+,6,7,8,9 operators. Create Laravel Project Also Read : Rest API Authentication with Passport Laravel 9 Create Category Model with table Categories Table Create Category Seeder Also Read : Laravel 9 Multiple Database Connection Tutorial Now Add CategorySeeder Class in DatabaseSeeder.php Now run,  Also Read : Laravel 9 Shopping […]